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Suitability Hang Glider Club Pilot
Suitability Paraglider Club Pilot

350 meters by 800 meters.

Take the A386 North from Tavistock towards Okehampton for about 8 miles. Just after the Dartmoor Inn turn sharp right up a rough track, through the gate to the car park.
The rest of Widgery Common is fenced off, so please close the gate after.

Top Access
After parking, cross the common and over the stream. The climb starts quite gentle, but steepens as you get close to the top.

Take Off
Good, but rocks can make for difficult conditions underfoot.

Top Landing
Good, but beware large boulder outcrops, the granite cross,  and rotor if too far back

Slope landing
Possible on a PG on the relatively flat area before the stream, but beware of the boulders on the steeper part of the site.
Best option is slope landing on the north side of the Tor which is far less boulder strewn.

Bottom landing

Good on Widgery Common, a large area between the stream and car park, but beware the bracken and rocks. With enough height you can fly back to the car park on better days.

Beware of Horses and Riders when landing.

Boulders, rock outcrops and trees throughout this site, be careful when scratching. Best with a due west wind, very rough if the wind is a bit off the hill. Lots of compression on top.
Due to the compression its very easy to get dragged back into the granite pinacle and cross

A small site, and as such will only support 2 or 3 gliders in the air on ‘scratchy’ days

Downwind there is 6 miles of moor to cross to the nearest road at Postbridge - so do not leave unless you have plenty of height or a good thermal. It is a long walk out. Not too bad with a PG but a major ordeal with a hang glider.


Local Flying
Small hill, and so will only support 2 or 3 gliders soaring, especially in light winds.

XC Flying
Excellent potential. But read the Safety Warnings if flying on Dartmoor.

To minimise erosion please only park in the correct car parking areas.



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