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Withnoe Barton Farm, Freathy

Sheet 201    Grid SX  401 518          
Longitude: 50 20’ 43     Latitude: 4 14’ 56

From Plymouth take the Torpoint ferry and join A374 to Anthony for 3 miles, fork left on the B3247 for a mile. Turn left at the "T" junction and then next right, after Tregantle Fort, to join the Rame Head coast road marked "Whitsands". Follow this road 1 mile to Freathy and the access gate is 200m to the east of the hamlet just before a farm track.
From the west take the A38 to Trerulefoot roundabout, and then take the A374 for Torpoint, turning right, after another 6 - 7 miles, to Crafthole on the B3247. Continuing along the coast road past Tregantle Fort where you turn right as above.

Upon accessing the take-off field drive up the track over the brow of the hill and park on the other side, ensuring you are not too close to top take-off. Please keep an eye open for pilots landing or taking off as you drive up.

Freathy site is a privately owned car park which is used by tourists during summer months. If the attendant is present you will be required to pay for the day (£3).  Out of season the gate has a combination lock.  Paid up members will be given the code.

Suitability HG     Club Pilot (3 hrs. either side of low tide) 
Suitability PG      Club Pilot (3 hrs. either side of low tide)

HGs should rig behind the track, preferable behind the car parking to leave the landing zone clear.
PGs should also lay out and do pre-flight checks to the rear of take-off, particularly if the take offs are busy

Take Off
HGs use the top of the hill.  In lighter winds this is also suitable for PGs.

This site is prone to a venturi effect due to the valley dropping away behind T/O. In stronger wind conditions PGs use the cleared area to the east of the brow where the venturi effect is less.

Top Landing
Near the crest of the hill to avoid rotor. Never go back beyond the downwind hedge,or you may not be able to penetrate forward again. Keep on lots of speed to fly through any rotor and wind shear.
If the car park is full in summer, an alternative landing area is found opposite Tregantle Fort.

Slope Landing
With this being a cliff site there is little slope landing options, but if the beach is covered then the field opposite the field gate can be used as a ‘bomb out’, but it has many gorse bushes.

Bottom Landing
The beach is usable for about 3 hours either side of low tide.  The path back up is to the left of take-off. NB. Beware of cross-winds and people on the beach! 

Do not fly over Tregantle Fort (obvious large fort to the West of Freathy) when the red flags are flying, as this a military firing range!
Do not handle anything that could be a Shell or Ammunition

Check for wind lines on the sea to confirm the true wind direction. As the wind funnels up the gullies in the cliffs and appears to be directly on to the cliffs when it is not, and providing poor or very little lift.

Keep an eye on the state of the tide as the beach may be needed if the wind suddenly dies, or, for PGs, if it gets too strong (venturi effect) to top land safely then the beach is a benign option.


Local Flying
This is a good site for soaring with a beat usually extending to the east over the chalets.  

XC Flying
Once the conditions have been verified in the air pilots may choose to extend their runs towards Rame Head, especially if the wind is off to the west, or if the wind is off to the south, pilots can sometimes fly to Looe and back (10 miles each way).


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