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Sheet 201   Grid SX 371 536   Site Officer    Karl Sweeney

Suitability Hang Glider Club Pilot with 10 hours + coastal experience
Suitability Paraglider Club Pilot with 10 hours + coastal experience


Do not fly over Tregantle Fort (nearby large, obvious fortification) when the red flags are flying, as this a military firing range, and as such may only be flown over after checking with the MOD on:

01752 822516 or 07817 028790 (try both)

Firing Ranges Information.

Do not handle anything that could be a Shell or Ammunition.

Hang gliders along Western edge of field
Paragliders beware of Hang gliders above and behind prior to inflation and post landing.

Take Off

Top Landing
With no flags flying approach can be from East or West. If flags are flying, approach ONLY from the West
Do not fly downwind (i.e North) of the stone wall
Emergency landing is available in adjoining field to West.

Bottom landing
On beach below take off at low tide only- steep path from beach back to the top about 100 metres to the West of take off
or, Tregantle Beach - easier carry up. NB: Caution, cross-winds, and people on beach. 


Military Firing Range at Tregantle Fort. DO NOT FLY OVER OR IN FRONT OF RED FLAGS.

Do not fly more than 3 hours either side of low tide

Note position of stone wall along downwind edge of field . DO NOT LAND ON OTHER SIDE (NORTH) OF THIS WALL FIELD IS NEARLY ALWAYS IN CROP. HGs use wall as line for top landing approach, do not drift downwind of it. PGs can land comfortably 10-20 metres in front of wall.

Be very careful when driving out onto the B3247 through the gate very poor visibility in both directions. Either have someone as a look out on opposite side of road or turn hard left and park up in front of adjoining gateway whilst closing access gate.

Local Flying
Good alternative to Freathy (and Struddick ?) especially if ranges at Tregantle are active. If this is the case, give the ranges a call on 01752 822516 or 07817 028790 to let them know youre there. If red flags are flying, turn right as soon as you are comfortably airborne and gain height near the golf course. Approach for top landing from the west.

XC Flying
In the right conditions, Whitsands Bay coastal run is possible

Nearest Telephone

Nearest Hospital     Plymouth Derriford    Telephone: 


Off B3247 through gate directly opposite Trethill Lane (park in lane whilst opening gate). Drive to the front of the hill through second gate  (keep this shut if there is livestock in either field) leave kit next to wall at western edge of field (see map) and drive back to gate, parking along hedge. Maximum of six gliders and five vehicles so share lifts if you can. If gate is padlocked, phone Karl for combination.

Near the road junction, inland of the road on the grass verge.



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