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Strete  SE

Sheet   202   Grid    SX 835 458

From Plymouth via Modbury on the A379 to Kingsbridge, Torcross & Slapton Sands Or turn off at Modbury on the B3207 towards Dartmouth to avoid the summer traffic jams around Kingsbridge and the coast road. Another route used is to go via the A38, to Totnes via the South Brent turn off and then B3372 Avonwick B3210 or via the A385 leaving the A38 at Marley Head. From the north you should leave the A38 at Buckfastleigh and use the A364 to Totnes. For all  routes (except the first from Slapton), when leaving Halwell, go up the hill on the B3207 for 3 miles towards Dartmouth, then take the right turn for Strete. 

Top Access

Unload hang gliders at the gate which is the top entrance to the field, then move as soon as possible to the car park at the bottom of the hill.  Paragliders should park in the car park. The car park can be very busy in summer. Don't block access to the farmers lower gate by parking in the lane beyond the toilets.
We have built up a good relationship with Mr Toll, the land-owner, who often lets the land out to a tenant farmer for sheep or cattle.  We must respect the wishes of the farmers, do not allow dogs into the field and pick up any litter that you see, or we may get blamed for causing it. 

Walk up the hill from the gate at the bottom of the hill (just along the lane past the toilets.) Or access at the top of the hill via the gate. Do not climb over the wall at the top of the hill, or climb over the fence from the car park.

Suitability HG     Club pilot
Suitability PG      Club pilot

HG Rigging.Steep site

Take Off
150 ft asl.  Launching PG and HG easy, though steep.  Road behind and power lines and behind and down-wind of take-off. Don't get blown back!

200 ft at take off, up to 400ft   at the top of the hill x 1Ĺ miles.

A committee member must be present at all times when the site is flown and the licence requires at least two people on site at any time. Maximum of 15 in the air to avoid overcrowding.  

Top Landing
No top landing for hg's. Slope landing for pg's.

Slope Landing
Slope landing for pg's.

Bottom Landing
Provided livestock is not disturbed, paragliders may land in the field. Hang gliders must land on the beach.   Near the car park is most convenient. Do not land at NE end of the beach, unless you want to meet some naturists. And you will have along walk.

Power lines behind, and down-wind of take-off. Don't get blown back!  Possible rotor if slope landing at the base of the slope

Local Flying
Once flying and to the left above the trees some good heights are possible.  If there is some south in the wind itís possible to soar the trees overlooking the Lea.
The run to Blackpool Sands is not difficult given sufficient height, though there are limited bottom landing options beyond Matthew Point and beyond Blackpool Sands no bottom landing.  Paragliders have occasionally crossed Blackpool Sands and flown at Stoke Fleming and beyond. It has been known for hang gliders to continue and reach the mouth of the Dart and even jump the mouth of the River Dart. (Once.)

XC Flying
Nobody has gone XC from this site. Yet

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