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Sheet 191   Grid SX  709 815    Site Officer      John Owen-Jones

Suitability   Hang Glider   Club Pilot
Suitability   Paraglider     Club Pilot

550 meters by 600 metres

We are grateful to Mr Stevens of Kendon Farm for putting up with the disruption as we pass through his farmyard. Also to Mr Pike O.B.E.  D.L. and Mr Greenway for use of bottom landing fields and parking.

In good conditions you can launch from the tree about half way up.

Take Off
Good, if clear of bracken.

Top Landing
Good, providing you go far enough back.

Bottom landing
Can be difficult for HG in moderate winds. Landing field a long way in front of take off  .
PG; Slope landings no problem.

Inexperienced HG may be nervous about a landing field so far in front of take off.
Note:In the valley immediately downwind, there is an area we have been asked to avoid landing, near Challacombe Farm.

Local Flying
Very good soaring.

XC Flying
Excellent potential. But read the Safety Warnings if crossing Dartmoor.

Nearest Telephone
Drive back to the B3344 crossroads, turn right for 100 meters, phone box on right.

Nearest Hospital




From Princetown take the B3212 past Postbridge. Turn right onto B3344, at 1.5 miles turn right for Vogwell Cottage / Kendon Farm. At the bottom of the valley  stop and check  the bottom landing field, next to the stream and parking area. This field is surrounded by trees and has a small muddy depression
crossing the middle. It is renowned for breaking uprights. Beware rotor.
Mr Christian Stephens the farmer here is very friendly, so if you see him as you pass through the farmyard on the way up the hill, please stop for a chat as we rely on his goodwill for ease of access. Shut all gates as you pass through. If the weather is wet and the ground muddy it will not be possible to go much beyond the farmyard without a 4 wheel drive vehicle, so unload the car and return it to the bottom landing area. With good weather and a vehicle with good ground clearance it is possible to continue up the lane to a gate which allows access by foot into the last field. On no account drive your car into this grass field.
When bracken is high, the easiest path is not obvious, about 10 meters from the start of the moor, up the gully continuing from the lane, turn right along a contour track, about 60 metres turn left up a narrow track running 45 to the fall line. continue up past the lower bracken to clearer areas.

Alongside the track, around the landing field / stream area. 
Do not block the Access Road.



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